web server at the Integrated Plant Protection Center of Oregon State University

The following web sites/resources are hosted here:

  1. http://uspest.org/wea - Online IPM Pest and Plant Disease Models and Forecasting - for agricultural, pest management, and plant biosecurity decision support in the US; including:
  2. Online publishing engine and decision support system for Pacific Northwest Pest Management Handbooks:
  3. http://uspest.org/glinks35 IPPC GRASSLinks: Public Access GIS - for environmental and pest management decision making in the US (under continuous development; first released August 2001)
  4. http://mint.ippc.orst.edu - IPMP 3.0 Insect Pest Management on Peppermint Decision Support System, including http://mint.ippc.orst.edu/msim.html - MINTSIM cutworm damage, threshold, and sampling simulation model (completed July 2, 2002)
  5. http://uspest.org/potato Identification and Management of Major Pest and Beneficial Insects In Potato

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